Show What You Want. Gift What They Need.

Gift what you want for family and friends!


  1. You add gifts like birthday presents, diapers, snorkel trips, and more right on your phone or the handy web-app.
  2. Your friends & family put money in (automatic reminders to avoid repeat asking).
  3. Collect your gifts
  4. uh... THANK your family and friends!
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Built with <3

Ever forget a friend's birthday? Or get a gift that you've never wanted? Gitcha is a cloud-and-mobile-based platform to say what you want, gift what they need, and remember when important, gift-giving events are coming up. It's the futures, y'all.


Create gifts with flexibility! Don’t select from a generic list. Just put in anything, and your friends chip in to get you that bamboo-rug you’ve always wanted.


Gitcha reminds you about upcoming events of your friends. A lotta things do that, but you know, we tie it to things they want.


Your friends are awesome. And knowing what they want, and what’s coming up, makes you awesome.


Easy to Use

Gitcha is super-fast, and easy to use. You’ll be able to list gifts and contribute to your friend’s gifts in seconds.

Easy Peasy Setup

Login with Facebook to start listing gifts and events. Add your friends faster than reading this sentence.

Gift with the Quickness

See a gift your friend wants? Contribute directly through Gitcha. You’re friend’s’ll be like “Awww” and you’ll be like “You’re Welcome.”

Stay in the Know

Gitcha has your back: by letting you know what your friend wants for her birthday…and when your anniversary is coming up.

Friend's Wishlist

Figure out what your friends want by scanning their wishlist. It’s like mind-reading…only, you know, 100% more accurate.

Reminders for Events

Auto-reminders keep you in the loop on upcoming events for your friends. Your friends will also be reminded when your special events are coming up.

Bawesome Features

After extensive user interviews, comprehensive audit of the "Gift-Giving world", and doodling in our dream journals, we've put together a bunch of great features for Gitcha.


Get Gitcha through the Web App (any browser) or download the Mobile App (iOS). They’re intuitive, responsive, and don’t hurt to look at either.


Thank You Messages

Contribute to a gift, and send a personalized message! Say “congrats” or “thanks” (or whatever the kids say these days…like “scoot” or “kra-wow”)


Don’t gift alone! Work with friends to contribute to a major gift (like that tree-fort they’ve always wanted).


“Security” is a “feature”, can you believe? SSL, HTTPS, Stripe: Gitcha secures your deets so you can gift-safely.

Screenshots Ahoy

Who doesn't love screenshots? It's like living the dream from afar.