5 Gifts Never to Give Valentine’s Day

Was Sup   •   February 05, 2015   •   0 Comment

bad-valentines-gifts1Ever drive home from work in mid-February and think “Oh no! Valentines Day is coming up! I haven’t got my guy/girl/lover a gift!” So you pull into the nearest pharmacy and buy some kitschy, lovey-dovey thing and hope they miraculously love it. Well, sorry to break it to you, but chocolates, stuffed animals, and anything with a heart should have went out of style after you graduated high school. When a relationship has progressed, and I say relationship whether it be a long friendship or if you’re in love, you know not to get them a throwaway gift. You should know what they like and what they tend to avoid while shopping. Gitcha is here to tell you 5 gifts to avoid this Valentines Day to avoid any disappointment this year. You’re welcome :D

1 – Lingerie
Really, getting any clothing should be off the table, but getting lingerie is a slippery slope. First, it’s mostly a gift for the buyer to see the other in a scantily clad outfit. A good gift is supposed to be solely for their enjoyment, not yours, silly. Second, what if you get the wrong size? Smaller or larger, it just doesn’t look good and no one enjoys that! If your significant other is into lingerie, get them a giftcard instead so they may pick out their own outfit and you both benefit in MANY ways! Bow chica bow wow!

2- Fitness Gifts
Who wouldn’t want a free gym membership? Well, getting one and being told you got one are two totally different things. Do you really want to give off the impression to your significant other that you think he/she is a chunky monkey? You should have just gotten a card that says, “Your Muffin Top is my favorite kind of breakfast!” Save yourself! Valentines Day is to make your partner feel perfect and out of this world, not lumpy and could use some work. This also includes gifting fitness equipment, self help books, scales, protein bars and reduced fat items.

3- Stuffed Animals
The only reason you should get the stuffed bear with a heart is if you’re still in high-school and you’re “going slow.” Teddy bears are childs play and what kind of adult will want to keep a bear that says “You are Bear-y Special” in their home? Not an adult you want to be in a relationship with – riiiight?! It’ll end up getting thrown out, collecting dust, or being humped by the dog. Save your money and get something that makes splash!

4- Overly Sexual Gifts
Sex checks, porn, “Fifty Shades of Grey” toy collection, doesn’t matter. Anything focusing more on the sex part of the holiday probably won’t go over well. Don’t make that special someone feel like a hooker. I mean, unless they are into that? For a holiday built up around love, theres a ton of gifts built on the sext part of it. Not saying that intimacy isn’t good, but gifts like this take all the romance out of making sweet, sweet lovin’.

5- Nothing
If they don’t have a sweet tooth, or a severe case of dental decay, candy isn’t an option. Not many women are fussed about jewelry and some think flowers that wilt are depressing. But showing up empty handed is worse than bringing the wrong gift, it makes them feel they weren’t worth the effort. You are basically walking into a bear trap. Now why would you DO that?! It’s all about expressing love in some shape or form. You could make a homemade card, cook a dinner, or even just go out for a movie date, just show that you give a shizzz, your lover will notice and give you mad props for that!

Now Gitcha self a great V-Day!