Best Bridesmaids Gifts (And Saving Up For Them)

Was Sup   •   March 12, 2015   •   0 Comment

Oh my dear bride, the day of your wedding is getting closer and closer and soon, you’ll be Mrs. Whats-his-name. And you’ll have your girlfriends with you to witness the magic happen. But, you haven’t gotten them their gifts yet! Don’t worry! We at Gitcha got you the best, quirky gifts to get your homegirls. […]

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How to Use Gitcha – Making a Wishlist

Was Sup   •   March 01, 2015   •   0 Comment

So, you downloaded Gitcha and are ready to start using the app. Questions about setting up a wishlist? It’s easy peasy! Here’s our step by step guide to creating your wishlist for any occasion. To start, click on the Wishlist quadrant of the app. Since this is your first gift, tap Add First Gift, you’ll then […]

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5 Ways to Off-Season Save for Weddings

Was Sup   •   February 19, 2015   •   0 Comment

You and your fiancé are finally setting the date, the date where you two become one. Seems simple right? Well after you see the cost of that space near the beach for your perfect summer wedding, it’s enough to put someone off. With the average wedding costing almost $30,000 (without the honeymoon), people are turning […]

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Spreading the Love Worldwide – How V-Day is Celebrated Around the Globe

Was Sup   •   February 11, 2015   •   0 Comment

Ahh, the day of love is upon us and hopefully you got your loved one a gift or planned a special day for the two of you. Its very easy to get caught up in the gift giving and shelling out tons of money for fancy dinners and expensive jewelry. Western Culture sometimes takes the […]

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5 Gifts Never to Give Valentine’s Day

Was Sup   •   February 05, 2015   •   0 Comment

Ever drive home from work in mid-February and think “Oh no! Valentines Day is coming up! I haven’t got my guy/girl/lover a gift!” So you pull into the nearest pharmacy and buy some kitschy, lovey-dovey thing and hope they miraculously love it. Well, sorry to break it to you, but chocolates, stuffed animals, and anything […]

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