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5 Ways to Off-Season Save for Weddings

Was Sup   •   February 19, 2015   •   0 Comment

cheap weddingYou and your fiancé are finally setting the date, the date where you two become one. Seems simple right? Well after you see the cost of that space near the beach for your perfect summer wedding, it’s enough to put someone off. With the average wedding costing almost $30,000 (without the honeymoon), people are turning to the colder months to save a dime before “I Do.”

More and more weddings are being held in the December-April months, or “off season.”Many wedding essentials like the reception venue and flowers can be purchased on an off-season date. This will save you major $$$ and allow you to put more mulah towards your dreamy honeymoon or your new abode!

offseasonFirst, What are the Off-Season months?
The slowest months for weddings are January all across the country. Summer months (May-August)  in the Midwest, Southwest, and South can be considered off-season due to the heat and humidity. Anywhere that has a chance of being hit with snow and ice during the winter is off-season as well.


The venue you choose may come at a cheaper price January-March, December is an exception due to holiday celebrations. If you know they offer a lower price, ask for it. At the end of the day, venues want to fill up their calendars. Most places will even offer further discounts int he off-season if you opt for a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday evening wedding. Saturdays are usually the most expensive during any season.

Hotels and Resorts also have an off-season
If you’re planning on booking a hotel or resort during summer months, you will be competing with business travelers for conventions. If your wedding takes place in a prime convention town like Atlanta, Denver, Boston or Indianapolis, best to check the hotel’s schedule to make sure there are enough rooms for your guests.

cateringCaterers, Musicians, and Photographers do business during off peak months
Most vendors are open to negotiation during the slow months, but it’s key to not forget this is how they make a living. Many of them will offer you a sweet deal so they can fill up their calendars. Some caterers offer discounts up to $800 and photographers offer up to $250.

Buy local, in-season flower if possibleflowers
Check the calendar to see if your wedding intersects Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, or Mothers Day, you may be paying an inflated price. For example, January has ranunculus which resemble roses, stargazer flowers bloom on February, lilies lay in March, and colorful alstromerias appear in April.

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